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We offer a comprehensive range of products for Motorhome owners.

Fully guaranteed, Thatcham approved, Motorhome security installations.

Our services for Motorhomes are:

If you would like any more information on any of the motorhome services available above, and cannot find it within this site, or to enquire about other services which aren’t listed please call Mark on 07814182769


New motorhomes require a habitation service to be done to keep warranties valid. The main jobs carried out in a motorhome habitation service are:

  • Damp checks
  • Electrical and gas safety checks
  • Chassis mountings
  • Appliance checks
  • Inspection of your water systems

A habitation check is a detailed examination of the living area of your motorhome Habitation checks entail a thorough inspection. The inspection is carried out by a specialist motorhome engineer.

Caravan in a garage


The Gas Safety Inspection is a comprehensive test of your motorhome's gas appliances by a competent and suitably qualified engineer.

Gas System Check:

  • High and low pressure tests
  • Regulator

Gas Appliance Checks:

  • Ventilation
  • Safety Control
  • Flue Termination
  • Flue Visual
  • Flue Flow
  • Spillage/Leakage Test
  • Working Pressure
propane gas check


The Fiamma Carry-Bike system is one of the strongest bike carriers on the market. The solid patented telescopic rail support fastens it securely to the Motorhome wall, and with double-reinforced carrier rails, safety straps, Bike-Block fixing kits and reinforced stainless steel points, it's recommended not only by industry experts, but by experienced Motorhome and caravan enthusiasts as well.

The Fiamma Carry-Bike CL Bicycle Carrier is a sturdy, affordable and compact bicycle carrier.

The Fiamma Carry-Bike CL Bicycle Carrier is a sturdy, affordable and compact bicycle carrier. Adaptable to most vehicles and with a solid yet lightweight anodised aluminium frame that can be adjusted according to your needs, the CL carries two bikes, but with the addition of an additional Rail Quick rail, can comfortably carry three.

Obviously each Motorhome is different but there is a cycle rack out there for your Motorhome. Fiamma and Omnistor have a wide range of cycle racks certain to fit your needs. Whether your Motorhome has a window on the back or a ladder on the side.

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Our entertainment systems include...

  • TV's & TV installations
  • Satellite systems
  • Aerials
  • Digital Upgrades
  • TV brackets

Our range of entertainment systems are far too extensive to list here so to find out more about our range of systems please call Map Security on 07971 797 830. Along with our wide range of TV services we source, supply and fit a varied range of double din radios with built in sat nav's, subwoofers, amplifiers and speaker systems. We can also supply and fit any type of entertainment system for your motor home or we can fit any pre-sourced unit you may already have.

All our workmanship is fully guaranteed.


The shower can be mounted on the exterior of your Motorhome or caravan. It provides for convenient hot and cold running water where you need it! This outside showering unit has many uses such as:

  • Outdoor showering
  • Tool washing
  • Fish cleaning
  • Pet cleaning

The durable hatches are fade and impact resistant, and are paintable. There are lots of different types, sizes, and styles of outside shower points for your Motorhome...


The BBQ Point provides you with the comfort of gas - even outside the vehicle. The BBQ Point makes it possible to connect external gas equipment such as gas barbecues and gas lamps.

  • When external gas equipment is being connected, the gas supply operating pressure of 30 or 50 mbar must match the operating pressure of the equipment that is being connected.
  • Note: the external gas socket is only suitable for gas extraction, not for feeding gas into the gas system.

To ensure that your external Gas Point is fitted safely and by a qualified gas specialist please call for more information.

As well as BBQ points we also have a wealth of knowledge and professionalism with regards to Gaslow Systems, Outside shower points, leisure batteries and entertainment systems including satellite TV, T.V aerials, & more...


The Gaslow range incorporates patented Butane and Propane gauges.

There are a unique series of adaptors, regulators, and changeover systems for all models of Motorhomes and Caravans - both old and new!

The Gaslow range incorporates patented Butane and Propane gauges creating a unique Gaslow series of adaptors, regulators, and changeover systems for all models of Boats, Caravans and Motorhomes - both old and new! The Gaslow is the only gauge that gives a visual warning of low gas levels while your appliances are consuming gas.

Gaslow is the preferred method of gas systems as if you were to run out whilst away, it would be a lot easier to go to a LPG filling station rather than trying to find somewhere to buy a new gas bottle and have it all changed over.

If you feel like you want to changeover to the Gaslow system or to find out more please telephone on 07814 182769


For many people, camping and caravanning is about ‘getting away from it all’ and not being tied down - even to an electric hook-up point. Add to this the cost of a nightly electrical connection and the fact that many of us like the idea of reducing our use of fossil fuels (both through the national grid or a petrol-powered generator) and solar power seems to have much going for it.

As well as saving electricity with Solar Panels we can also help in upgrading all of your current lighting to low voltage LED’s. This will considerably save you power for when you need it.

Save money on pitch hook-up fees and give us a call today to discuss a solar panel that would suit you.


Powermax Flooded Leisure Batteries

The range of Powermax flooded leisure batteries are designed for light cyclic duties. They are ideally suited for use on motorhomes, caravans and marine applications. Due to their thicker plates and special envelope separators, our leisure batteries will last longer than conventional starter batteries in the same application.


  • Filled, charged and ready for use
  • Thicker plates for light cyclic applications
  • ‘Magic eye’ hydrometer

Powermax Sealed Leisure Batteries

The Powermax sealed, dual purpose leisure battery range is renowned for its quality and reliability. Whether you enjoy having prolonged periods away in your motorhome / caravan or are at anchor, the Powermax batteries will look after you and whatever power requirements you have. Added calcium helps charge retention when not in use and reduces water loss allowing this range to be sealed and completely maintenance free. The dual terminals allow extra access points to the battery for any accessories you may operate giving you additional flexibility.


  • Completely maintenance free
  • Minimal self discharge
  • Dual terminals

To find out more please telephone on 07814 182769

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